Announcing Driving for Dreams Vehicle Donation Program

Donate a vehicle to Aldersbridge Communities and help us provide high quality, low cost housing and healthcare for older adults of modest means.

With the support of generous contributors like you, we can can enrich the lives of our residents with activities, outings, entertainment, art and music therapy programs, and more – including a unique wish-granting program structured to fulfill the lifelong dreams of our residents.

Your gift can qualify as a tax deduction, while at the same time “adding life to years” of our senior population who deserve to live the best life possible.

It’s simple and it’s at no cost to you. Call or fill out the online vehicle donation form, and CARS will arrange for a free and convenient pickup of your car, SUV, truck, trailer, boat, RV, motorcycle, off-road vehicle/ATV, airplane, or even a piece of heavy equipment. Your vehicle gets sold at auction or otherwise and turned into cash to support our cause.

To learn more about the CARS program and Aldersbridge Communities, visit our website at

Thank you for your support!