St. Germain Assisted Living FAQs

See the Application for Admission from the Woonsocket Housing Authority for St. Germain Assisted Living.

See the Checklist and Instructions Admission Packet from the Woonsocket Housing Authority for St. Germain Assisted Living.



Q — Are there units for two people?

A — Yes, please contact admissions for availability.


Q — Is parking available for both residents and visitors?

A — Yes, parking is available, but limited, in the on-site lot.


Q — Are the apartments furnished?

A — The apartments are unfurnished so you can furnish it with your own personal items.


Q — What are your visiting hours?

A — You can visit residents at any time day or night. Since all residents have a private apartment, there are no set visiting hours. We ask that you simply be respectful of their neighbors.


Q — Is there a waiting list and when should I put my name on the list?

A — The sooner the better.  Yes, there is a wait list for St. Germain Assisted Living which doesn’t require a fee.  You can remain on the list for an extended time and we will contact you yearly to see if you are interested.


Resident Eligibility

Q — Are there any age restrictions for potential residents?

A — The minimum age is 62.


Q — What is the income eligibility?

A — We accept both private insurance and Medicaid waivers.  Our pricing is designed for those of low to moderate income levels.  Contact admissions for additional entrance requirements.


Q — Are there any physical limitations for potential residents?

A — There are minimal physical limitations that will be determined by a nurse, an assessment, or physician recommendation.  Admission criteria follow the State of Rhode Island Assisted Living guidelines.


Care Coordination

Q — Is there a screening process to assess for physical limitations?

A — Yes.  This is done at admission and periodically during residency.


Q — What level of care coordination is offered?

A — Medication dispensing, medical reminders as needed, routine checks, and assistance with activities of daily living including housekeeping, laundry, dressing, bathing, and grooming.


Q — Is additional on-site care available?

A — Podiatrist, lab, audiologist, psychiatrist, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and optometry are available on-site and are billed to residents’ insurance.


Q — How often are care levels reviewed and how are they changed?

A — Nursing and interdisciplinary teams review care levels with primary care physicians and make adjustments as needed.  Residents and their families are involved in these decisions.


Q — How does care coordination with residents’ medical care providers work?

A — Resident assistants, under the supervision of the nurse, are able to coordinate care with the personal care physician or any preferred specialist.


Q — Are there prescription refill procedures in place?

A — Yes, St. Germain uses a pharmacy that is able to fill prescriptions 24/7 and deliver at no extra charge.


Q — Is medical care transportation available?

A — Yes, the office will assist is setting transportation up for residents’ doctor’s appointments.



Q — Are pets allowed?

A — Yes; please review Woonsocket Housing Authority’s Pet Policy.



Q — What utilities are included?

A — Heat, electricity, water, cable, WiFi and telephone are included.  An extra fee is required for AC use.


Q — Are individual climate controls available in residents’ rooms?

A — Yes, there are heating controls in each room plus room air conditioners.



Q — What is the meal plan at St. Germain?

A — The facility offers three meals per day, 7 days per week.  All meals are included in the monthly rental price.


Q — Can special diets be accommodated?

A — Yes, St. Germain is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions at no additional costs.


Q — Are menus available?

A — A menu is published monthly.  Residents can view the menu as it is posted in various locations throughout the facility.  They can be obtained in the office.  Here is a sample of a typical menu.


Q — Are residents allowed to prepare and eat meals in their own rooms?

A — Yes.


Q — Are residents and visitors allowed to prepare their own food in the main kitchen?

A — No, the main kitchen is reserved for meal preparation by our dietary staff.


Q — Are visitors allowed for meals?

A — Yes, visitors are allowed for meals.  There is no limitation on frequency – there is a charge for each guest meal.


Q — Can residents make arrangements for special celebrations or private use of dining facilities?

A — Yes, our dining room is available during non-meal hours and is able to accommodate special celebrations.  Special events should be coordinated ahead of time.