Therapy Options FAQs

Q — How long will I be here?

A — The length of stay differs from person to person based on their diagnosis, prior level of function or fitness and consistent participation in therapy.


Q — What happens when I go home?

A — You will go home with referrals for PT, OT, ST and nursing or any combination. The home services that you receive will help you with your transition to home and provide you with exercises specific to your needs. These exercises should be done faithfully to continue to be strong and safe in your home.


Q — Can I take a walk outside on my own?

A — The therapy staff will clear you based on your safety and balance for independent ambulation in and outside the facility.


Q — Will I be able to drive when I return home?

A — We often advise people to ask their doctor when it is permitted to operate a motor vehicle.


Q — What is occupational therapy and how is it different from physical therapy?

A — Occupational therapy works on fine motor skills and activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing, cooking, dressing, toileting and some cognitive re-orientation as well as safety in the home environment and community re-entry tasks such as navigating the bus route system, making appointments, managing money, and incontinence rehab. Physical therapy works on gross motor skills such as leg strength, walking, stair management, getting into and out of a car, balance, bed mobility and safety with mobility on a variety of surfaces.