St. Germain Assisted Living

St. Germain, Woonsocket, RI

St. Germain

St. Germain Assisted Living

See the Application for Admission from the Woonsocket Housing Authority for St. Germain Assisted Living.

See the Checklist and Instructions Admission Packet from the Woonsocket Housing Authority for St. Germain Assisted Living.

St. Germain Manor is a ten story building located in Woonsocket that is within walking distance to a bus line, bank, stores, pharmacy, senior center and city park. The assisted living apartments share the building and all communal space with independent HUD housing. St. Germain provides assisted living for all ages.

A spacious partially-fenced backyard encompasses a patio and a lush lawn with bench swings and picnic tables providing comfortable areas for socializing. There is a bike path behind the property that connects to the Social/Clinton Street businesses. A community room includes a computer and is a fun space for parties and social events. There is plenty of parking for residents and visitors, on-site maintenance, mail delivery, and 24-hour security.

The dining room, where residents can enjoy three nutritionally balanced meals, has large sliding glass doors looking out on the yard and tree lined patio. Guests are welcome to join the resident if their meals are purchased from the nursing staff 30 minutes prior to the start of each meal (7:30 AM for breakfast, 11:30 AM for lunch and 4:30 PM for dinner.) For sample menus, visit the page about Dining at St. Germain Assisted Living.

All the assisted living apartments are spacious one-bedrooms with kitchenette which includes a microwave and a refrigerator and new, private bathrooms that are accessible to people with disabilities.

Clean, Germ-Free Air Purifiers In Use
Each of our residents’ rooms as well as all common areas and staff offices have InvisiClean Air Purifiers installed. Thanks to the generosity of donors to our Annual Appeal and other fundraising efforts, we have been able to purchase these air quality units to sanitize and kill germs, allergens and viruses using an ionizer and UV-C light. Air changes range from 1 to 4 times per hour. Additional features include a HEPA filter and activated carbon prefilter to capture up to 99.97% of particles in the air and absorb and neutralize odors.

Our vibrant activities department provides daily opportunities to become involved in the community around you, whether it be shopping or taking in a movie, going on a mystery ride or a planned outing, as well as onsite exercise classes, Bingo, crafts and so much more.  In addition, activities are run by the assisted living residents themselves through their Social Club. Some activities include: weekly Cash BINGO, Wii Bowling, shopping and some special events.

All applicants must meet the Woonsocket Housing Authority’s income, age and disability guidelines. Therefore you must download their application and set up an appointment with their intake specialist. Visit the Woonsocket Housing Authority web site to learn more about St. Germain Manor from the Woonsocket Housing Authority.

For further information or to schedule a tour, please contact the Administrator.