The Face of Winslow Gardens

Sep 18, 2015

Mary Montanaro Executive Assistant

Mary Montanaro
Executive Assistant

Everyone at United Methodist Elder Care knows Mary – she has been here for nineteen years and serves as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director.

Mary Montanaro is the face of Winslow Gardens. Her office is the first place a new visitor sees when they enter our independent and assisted living building. Mary embodies the ethos of our building: Always there to help, offers a welcoming and calming presence, provides good humor and great listening, and does it with a smile.

When asked about what she does here at Winslow Gardens, Mary said: “Going above and beyond is a daily occurrence. Whether it is delivering a package to a resident, helping them with their coats or sweaters, tying a shoe, plunging a toilet… It’s all part of life here.”

Not only do the residents rely on Mary for many daily things from collecting their mail, getting quarters for the laundry machines, or helping them pay their rent, but staff relies on Mary as well. We know that if we ask Mary to help, the job will be done right. We come to her with just as many things as the residents – help with computers, documentation, and institutional knowledge. It should also be remarked that our Executive Director, Paul Parks, Jr. relies on Mary for many things, including keeping his calendar straight, organizing Board of Trustee communications, and all manner of administrative work.

“Working at United Methodist Elder Care is very gratifying,” Mary told me. “Every day, I feel needed and appreciated.” When I press her for why she has stayed for nineteen years, Mary doesn’t hesitate and gives me a smile, “I love making a difference to the residents in their day-to-day lives. Sometimes just a smile, a hug, or asking how they are feeling, lets them know that I care.”

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