About Aldersbridge Communities

Mission Statement
We enhance the well-being of those we serve with comfort, dignity and with purpose.

Beautiful image of an Alders tree
Our History

The original concept of providing affordable living options for seniors was developed in the late 1960s by an innovative group of entrepreneurs and dedicated United Methodists. Motivated by this concept and desiring to give back to the community, this group of founders raised the needed capital funds to construct and open Winslow Gardens Retirement Center in 1971.
Aldersbridge Communities (formerly United Methodist Elder Care) expanded its service offerings from independent living to assisted living apartments in Winslow Gardens, and in 1978 opened Linn Health Care Center where residents could receive skilled nursing and rehabilitation, as well as long-term care.

In 2011, Aldersbridge Communities (then, United Methodist Elder Care) opened Arbor Hill Assisted Living in the Federal Hill section of Providence. This 53-bed facility of private apartments of various configurations has a fully staffed kitchen and medical and administrative offices on the premises.

Aldersbridge Consultants (formerly ElderCare Consultants, LLC)  is the for-profit subsidiary of Aldersbridge Communities developed to outsource elder care management services to businesses as well as provide in-home nursing care. In 2013, ElderCare Consultants, LLC was contracted by the Woonsocket Housing Authority to manage the assisted living facility at St. Germain Apartments.

The Aldersbridge Communities are designed to provide each resident with the living environment and level of care that best suits individual needs.  Our affordable services offer flexibility and stability while maximizing independence to provide a sense of security and confidence for seniors.

Alder Tree History

The Celtic meaning of the Alder deals with giving and nurturing. Its root system provides rich nutrients to the soil, moreso than other trees, and can successfully restore poor soil conditions back to healthy Ph levels. Its leaves easily decompose in the water providing rich nutrients to all manner of water creatures. Its bark has anti-inflammatory compounds. These acts of generosity and shelter against harsh conditions can be translated into our own lives: by standing firm in our own positive environment, we can affect those around us in positive ways. By emitting signals of tranquility and peace, we enhance and nurture the lives of others.

Aldersbridge Communities is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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